Benefits of Online Distance Education

Many students who currently have bachelor’s education are benefiting from off-site learning opportunities to achieve an online post-graduation certificate.

Many certified institutes are starting to offer online Post graduation programs so that they can reach college students who aren’t able to attend upon campus courses for a multitude of reasons. Many institutions that provide distance PG programs are thought to be a learning online college, but numerous traditional academic institutions will also be offering learning online courses which allow alumni to obtain a distance PG.

However, often a certificate from the distance learning institute carries exactly the same weight like a degree gained by college students who had the chance to attain exactly the same certificate inside a traditional class setting. Actually, many companies and sectors actively sponsor graduates from the distance institutes due to the ability as well as discipline it requires to graduate from the distance learning program, especially an online PG program. Graduating by benefiting from distance learning courses additionally shows lots of determination and also the drive to achieve success, which are the type of qualities numerous companies prefer to see within their new employees.

Online students don’t fit any one particular profile: While many traditional 18- to 24-year-old college students enroll in distance-learning courses, there are plenty of adults with families and full-time careers also seeking to further their education online. Whatever the demographic, the freedom and flexibility of distance-learning is attractive to people from many walks of life.

“We know that students need engaging and personalized learning experiences that move beyond the in-person pedagogical approaches that served as the framework for distance learning in the early days,” says Dr. Vinay Agrawal, Executive Director, ISBM. “There are many new technologies and online opportunities available with us that enhance the student learning experience.”

Today’s online educational experiences go far beyond simply watching recorded lectures on their computers. Distance learning students can choose between live-streamed and pre-recorded lectures. They can access assignments and course materials via increasingly sophisticated software. They can interact with professors and classmates by text, email or video chat. Home test-taking can even be proctored.

Students who live near the institution offering online classes frequently have the option to meet face-to-face with their instructors during normal office hours—just like their peers at classroom B-schools

Online program certificates offered from traditional campuses are accredited through national and regional accreditors—exactly the same way on-campus programs are.

Distance-only institutions are sometimes accredited differently.

“While some accreditors treat distance programs as a substantively different from on-campus programs, others do not and treat the programs—if taught by the same faculty and focused on the same curriculum—no differently than on-campus programs,” Dr. Vinay Agrawal says.


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