Unique features of ISBM’s Online Distance Learning

Distance Learning is a great medium for teaching remotely, without the need for face to face contact between the teacher and the learners. Unlike frontal learning, distance learning uses computers and the Internet to connect those who participate in the learning process. In addition, distance learning often means a lot of self-study. In distance learning, course material is a combination of text and multimedia content presented in sequence and meant for consumption via a computer or a tablet. This E-Learning format is often used for self-study or distance learning.

Various education formats exist for this type of non-traditional learning. This may exist as correspondence classes conducted via regular mail or as internet based classes that may be delivered synchronously or asynchronously.

Indian School of Business Management and Administration (ISBM’s) Learning Management System (LMS) is a platform for publishing, distributing and managing learning materials that offer the ability to manage student-users and track their progress. ISBM’s Learning Management System allows hosting E-Learning course material, track learners’ statistics and generate reports based on the gathered information about student learning performance.

This professional distance learning can also be carried out with the help of a smartphone or a tablet. The main advantage of Mobile Learning is that it allows learning anywhere, anytime, without requiring access to a desktop computer. Mobile Learning is also known as M-Learning.

The course learning at ISBM is imparted on a learner-centered educational model that focuses on the learner’s knowledge and skills. Courses built according to the model’s guidelines adapt to the learner’s current degree of competence. The way a learner progresses through a course created with adaptive learning in mind changes depending on his actions and on whether he answers the questions correctly. This way, adaptive learning helps to tailor the educational process to the learner’s needs.

Distance education technologies are expanding at an extremely rapid rate. Many people choose this learning style for its convenience and speed. Online students are able to work at their own pace and often finish faster than traditional students. As educational institutions extend their campuses, as the population ages, and as the advance of technology requires a greater need for worker retraining, institutes will increasingly have to cater to a different type of student in order to stay ahead and serve their communities.

Optimism is very high about the next decade of educational technology and innovation. ISBM is proving to be a pioneer in online distance management education.


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