How to enhance your CV

In the era of corporate significance, how you draft an overview of your experiences and qualifications, makes a remarkable impression on the employer. And these few pages of your Curriculum Vitae or Resume is a key to your success for landing on a great opportunity, which you have always dreamt of.

And that’s how you land here probably looking for an idea to make a resume. And yes, making a resume is not easy. No matter how much experience do you have or you are a fresher, one never exactly knows what to write. And freshers have nothing to add on it. But it is important to write something down, that can be considered and that could be taken seriously by the job providers.

A few handy tips to grab your hands on and start making an outstanding CV which will be a key to your success in career-

  1. Primitive information: You need to stick to the basics and provide personal information, and mention the career path you chose, or going to choose, and let your resume cater the domain, respectively. Contact information and personality traits that are suitable for the employer can also be mentioned in terms of freshers who are applying for jobs.
  1. Presentation: A CV of not much detailed information is okay. As recruiters have no time in scanning deeply. Most of them just skim through the details. It should be presentable, clear and tidy. It is advisable to convert your resume in pdf form other than word document, if you are sending it across virtually that is email.

Tip: Keep your qualification in tabular form and evenly spaced for neatness. Keeping the resume in email-body is a big no!

  1. Size: Obviously size matters. Even though you have an autobiography to write on your achievements over the years, throughout your work life, it should be short but descriptive enough for an employer to understand. Maximum pages for a resume can be 2, and not more than that. It basically helps you focus on the important part of your work.

Tip: It should be carried neatly in a folder, and edited in a Word document, decreasing the margin, so that you can fill up with maximum content and vice versa if you have nothing to mention (for freshers).

  1. Suit to the need: Keep the profile and requirements of the employer in sync. If you go in a Finance company with your resume filled with experience about your college cultural events and music band, will simply be a laughable incident. It just won’t work. It is important to keep your resume updated according to the needs of a specific job role.

Tip: You can keep a CV format handy, as to edit the same to match the company requirements.

  1. Proofreading: You need to constantly keep your resume updated and well presentable, it is a timely act which helps you keep yourself on check with every experiences you add in your work life.

Tip: You can ask your friends to verify and proof read the content you have mentioned. Also be open to criticism and try to change it wherever required.

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