Rethink your MBA- How business education is at crossroads in India

Is it really important to get an MBA? What does it take to get an MBA? How does it benefit you?

Is it really important to get an MBA? What does it take to get an MBA? How does it benefit you?

These questions surely triggers your mind while deciding a career in Management. Does your MBA lead to an entrepreneurial career? Or you are thinking of it as an Unemployment insurance, or is it just an Investment plan? You might probably end up choosing MBA for the wrong reasons.

Nearly every individual is looking for an improvement in leadership skills, perhaps, these skills can be honed through volunteering a commercial business or dedicate training, for a lot lesser money than an MBA. They pick out for a career in MBA in regards to develop business management skills or explore the field, however, there are many free or cheaper alternatives that could fulfill these constraints. It is important to get an MBA for right reasons. It is often looked as an Investment, however, is it really an investment?

It is not an Investment, although, in literal sense, it is possible to approximate the time, cost and benefits of getting an MBA. You are surefire to make your money back in time. The equation of the returns can be placed, no matter how much do you invest, the returns can never be negative, it still can be greater than zero. Secondly, it does not have a durable value, if the knowledge that you gain from MBA isn’t put into right business or made use of it ever, it is most likely that it may diminish the value of these MBA skills. Likewise, MBA has higher value when freshly implied straight out of a B-school to the first job. Consequently, it is not likely that an MBA will retain its value in next job. It is not necessary that an MBA of a greater value now, will be of the same value in the near future as well. And lastly, it is not an ‘investment in yourself’. Of course, it could be but investing a huge amount might just be an expense rather than an investment, if not used timely. You could probably invest in a good books, good friends to get the best outcomes in life, other than just buying an MBA out of wrong reasons.

Scanning of a program before making investments is the most analytical approach which you can follow. You might probably end up living a miserable and demotivated life for wrong reasons of investments. Business Education in India is all ‘Value oriented’. A worth well paid in advance by you before even investing in it monetarily. Choose your program wisely.


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